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Teen Falls From Golf Cart At Marshall Co. Marina


MARSHALL COUNTY, OK -- It was a dangerous day for one vacationer who was rushed to the hospital after falling from a golf cart.

The golf cart was traveling on a road at a marina when troopers say it went into the ditch.
I told them they needed to slow down," says witness Judy Collins. "When I hollered at them, right after that, the accident happened."

Collins says she had gone outside to walk her dog when she saw a group of teens pass by on a golf cart. "They had two young men on the back and the golf cart was full in the front and a young girl was driving it and as they switched from one side to the other, the young man just flipped off the back," says Collins.

After about 20 minutes, the ambulance arrived at Little Glasses Marina and rushed the 13-year-old, who was visiting from the Lawton area, to Mercy Hospital in Ardmore.

Neighbors say the kids had apparently left from the store where they had gotten snow cones and were headed up the street and appeared to be playing on the golf cart when the accident happened.

"They came by me really slow and everything but as they escalated up the road they began to be getting faster and faster and they were weaving back and forth, back and forth," says Collins.

"They're always driving them all around here. Some people got their own kind, newer ones," says visitor David Carpenter.

Carpenter says he certainly wouldn't let small kids drive on a golf cart, and the marina owner says their rule is that anyone under 16 isn't supposed to be out driving carts by themselves.

"We rented ours and we were driving it. It's a good way to get around up here instead of walking because it's kind of far to get around," says Carpenter.

Witnesses say the teenager was bleeding from cuts on his head. Troopers say the boy, who was standing up on the cart, was treated and released from the hospital.