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New Whitewright Memorial Honors Four Killed In Vietnam


WHITEWRIGHT, TX -- A group of Vietnam veterans dedicated a new memorial in honor of four Texomans who died fighting overseas.

Sherman has a memorial in Fairview Park remembering local veterans who died in the Vietnam War, but Whitewright has never had one, until now.

It was the day more than 40 years ago when Pat Bow lost his brother - March 4, 1970. Whitewright resident Michael Bow was on guard duty when gunfire suddenly ended his life.

"He was on late night guard. A sniper hit him and killed him instantly," says Pat Bow.

The 20-year-old was one of 58,000 Americans killed during the Vietnam War. Five times that many were wounded.

"I've looked on the Internet and saw it was four guys from Whitewright and I think they should have something to honor them," says Sherman resident O.H. Hubbard.

Hubbard is part of the Vietnam Veterans of America #973 post and serves as a peer counselor in Sherman and Bonham for veterans suffering from PTSD.

"I was just riding around through the town and I passed by the park and I looked across here and said that'd be a great place for a monument," says Hubbard.

Organizers say the city was able to put up about $4,000 to build a new monument in the Nature Park on the east side of town. They say they hope it will provide a way to remember Whitewright veterans killed in Vietnam for many years to come.

"They died there and the dates are on the monument in order," says Hubbard.

It's a time in their lives that Michael Bow's family will never forget. "Today really made me think about it a lot more," says Pat Bow.

And some fellow veterans showed they won't either. "I think it's going to be a way for a lot of people to pay tribute and to keep the memories alive," says Pat Bow.

Hubbard says after thinking of the idea for the monument, he went home and sketched it, and then found a way to make it a reality. He says he is trying to get more people to pay attention to veterans and their struggles.