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Four Teens Facing Charges In Denison Vandalism Spree


DENISON, TX -- We have an update to a crime that was caught on tape: thieves breaking into a convenience store at midnight and having the run of the place.

Police say they now know who did it and they've linked the teenagers to other crimes. The four teenagers now face real consequences after the alleged "crime spree."

"Being 17, he's an adult," says police Lt. Mike Eppler. Police arrested Eric Speigel on Friday morning on burglary, two counts of unauthorized use of a vehicle, and criminal mischief.

"They are all four felonies and there could be ultimately the punishment range is up to 2 years in a state jail and/or up to a $10,000 fine," says Eppler.

Spiegel and three others ranging in age from 15 to 17 were involved in a two-week crime spree in June, Eppler said.

According to police, the teens shoplifted thousands in electronics and other merchandise from Denison and Sherman Wal-Marts, and took joyrides in two vehicles, leaving one near a soccer field on Maple Row.

One teen admitted opening the door of the stolen vehicle and smashing it into cars and mailboxes, or just driving into them, Eppler said.

It was a few weeks ago when police say Spiegel and another man broke into the Passport/Shell convenience store on East Main Street where a worker says they got away with cigars and lottery tickets from behind the counter, but police say they were caught on tape.

Back on June 20, Spiegel and another man allegedly jumped over the counter and started taking items.

Police say this case is not connected to the vehicles spray painted last weekend on West Sears Street. "My son's car the license plate and well it really messed it up good and then on mine they did the back fender and then the glass the windows," says Tommie Poe.

Poe says they scrubbed off most of the paint with soap and water, but she's still upset. "We had lights, we had motion lights and backyard lights and everything and it didn't make any difference," says Poe.

Back at the police department, the investigation continues into the other vandalism cases. "We of course are filing a case or have filed a case at the thefts at our Wal-Mart and Sherman P.D. has the information on theirs," says Eppler.

More charges are pending. According to police, the case broke wide open when officers towed an illegally parked vehicle. They later found it was connected to one of the teens and they also found evidence inside.