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Man Struck By Hit-And-Run Driver At Sherman Gas Station


SHERMAN, TX -- Police say a woman tried to run over her husband at a convenience store and it was all caught on tape.

Surveillance cameras were rolling when a car struck a man, and then the driver sped away. Police say the incident involved two people going through a divorce.

The car turned into the gas station, went right past the gas pumps, and then struck the man. It happened around 6:30 p.m. outside Texoma Friendly Discount Tobacco on Frisco Road and Texoma Parkway.

Three police cars responded to the convenience store and officers talked to the victim outside for several minutes. They also checked him over for any possible injuries, but he did not appear to be hurt.

"From what we've gathered is one of the parties came through the parking lot, accelerated, ran him over or flung him off the roof of the car, and exited the parking lot, and fled before we got here," says police Officer Brandon Hughes.

It appears the man did not know what was about to happen and he ended up with his back against the windshield. The car kept going for several feet and out of the frame.

Police say the man, who tells us he's from Collinsville, was either thrown or managed to get off that hood, before the car went back onto Texoma Parkway and sped off.

The man told us he was okay. Police are looking for the car involved in the assault and it appears to be tan or copper in color.