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FBI Crime Report Update


ARDMORE, OK-- Ardmore resident Cliff Davis said he was shocked to find out that Ardmore ranked at the top of list in the state for violent crimes per capita.
"I'm shocked! I've lived here for 31 years and I've never been a victim of a crime," said Davis.
A Uniform Crime Report done by the FBI shows that about 405 crimes were reported in Ardmore in 2011. Sergeant Ryan Hunnicutt said a spike in gang violence may have played a factor.

"People will probably remember that in 2011 we had a dramatic increase in gang violence in shooting crimes related to gangs," said Sgt. Ryan Hunnicutt.

 Based on population the crime rate is 1 per 61 people. In comparison Oklahoma City had more than 5,000 violent crimes in 2011, but because of their high population, it only came out one violent crime per 114 people.

Hunnicutt said he wants people to know that the report is a year behind and that they've made drastic changes since then and is confident there will be a big improvement in the next report.

"In 2012 and the first part of this year we think we've seen really good results in the things that we've done such as moving personnel around, changing how we get information out to the officers and knowing what kind of problems we're having to really respond to those kind of crimes and targeting those crimes," said Hunnicutt.

While some resident were shocked, others weren't surprised at all.

"It doesn't really surprise me I've seen an increase with crime when watching the news especially among the youth," said Lone Grove resident Nathan Henderson.

Also ranking at the top is Durant which came in third and Ada in fourth.
Police said they will continue monitoring statistics to keep Ardmore a safe environment to live in.

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