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Historic display in Denison now getting a makeover


DENISON -- It's an iconic image in the City of Denison and now it's getting a makeover. The MKT train was donated to the Red River Railroad Museum in 1988.

This week, volunteers began an $18,000 makeover on its engine.

"It's awesome to finally see it happen," Tina Ditoma with the RRRM said.

Friday, museum volunteers sanded down the engine's exteriors before a contractor coated it with primer paint.

Ditoma did much of the legwork to secure the funds for the project. She says most of it came from donations and grants, but says the museum is still about $5,300 short of its goal.

"We've had some great donors but we still need more help," Ditoma said.

Between the engine upgrade and the teardown of the Katy Antique Station, the east end of downtown Denison appears to be at a crossroads.

Donna Dow is the Director of Denison's Main Street revitalization.

She says the changes will help bring the appearance of the far east end of downtown up to par with the rest of the arts and culture district.

"Denison was built around the railroad. and we want to carry that forward," Dow said. "That's one of our entrances and we want it to be pristine."

Robert Pool owns Main Street Lumber located next to the MKT train.

"This whole end of Denison is starting to change, starting to revitalize and we're very excited," Pool said.

Over the next few days, crews will continue work on the engine restoring it to its original green and yellow color.

While the train's days of transport may be long gone, its future is about to get quite a bit brighter.

Repainting the engine will take a few days. The museum hopes to revamp the other cars in the future. However, donations are still needed to complete the current project. Ditoma says donations can be dropped off or mailed to the Red River Railroad Museum located at 101 E Main St Suite 145, Denison. Call (903) 463-5289 for more information.