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Ardmore Accident Leaves One Man Dead


Ardmore, ok-- Police are investigating a car crash in Ardmore that killed one person.

It happened early this morning and police said the man who died is from out of town.

Charles McCarty lives right next to a wooded area in Ardmore and said early Friday morning, his wife woke him up after her son noticed something in the trees.

"We woke up this morning and there was a pick-up, totaled out right there in all those trees, my step son got up and pulled his 18 wheeler out and was going to work and he saw a white pick-up in the trees," said McCarty.

 Police said 35-year-old Dwayne Webb drove off the intersection of Springdale road and P St. NE.

"We get there and we find a vehicle in the trees, a pick-up truck, we locate the drive of the pick-up truck that was ejected. He was pronounced dead at the scene," said Sgt. Ryan Hunnicutt.

Police are still investigating, but they believe alcohol may have been involved and they said he was not wearing a seatbelt.

"At this time, our preliminary indication is that alcohol may have been a factor, our accident Reconstructionist are looking at it to see. It's a tricky intersection if you aren't familiar with it P street dead ends there at Springdale road and it appears that he didn't see that and left the roadway," said Sgt. Ryan Hunnicutt.

Something McCarty agrees with, he said he's lived near the intersection for several years and it's not the first time someone has ran off the road and landed in the trees.

"What they need is to put a flashing red light, they have the electricity and the pole and everything else," said McCarty.
Police want people to remember to never drink and drive.

"It's still very dangerous; anytime you have I think a lot of it has to do with education and public awareness. Anytime you've had something to drink, it's just safer to have someone else drive," said Hunnicutt.

Police are still investigating the accident and said they don't believe anyone else was inside the car with Webb.