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Crafty Creations - Silver Cleaning

Silver Cleaning...something we don't do very often. It's a good, hot afternoon project, especially if the kids need something new to do. I like it because it's an instant transformation, like painting!
Silver Cream~This is good for the antique silver from great grandma and the spoon collection.
Don't use soft, used toothbrushes on family heirlooms, they will still scratch. The cream now comes with a soft sponge, use as directed. Remember to BUFF with a clean, soft cloth. Wipe after the rinse, to avoid water marks. I use old linen napkins now that diapers aren't around my house any more. Find this product with cleaning supplies at the store.
Jewelry Cloth~Especially good for rings with stones, and larger or flat surfaces like a cuff bracelet, wide bands, charms and frames. Available at jewelry stores.
Who knew Formula!~ Try this for SILVER dainty chains and charm bracelets!
Metal bowl
Foil to line bowl
1T-Powder laundry soap-NO BLEACH ADDED!
Line the metal bowl w/ the foil-shiny side UP. Add warm water & soap-dissolve, add silver. Let the pieces sit for 5min or so, stir some too. For charm bracelets, a soft toothbrush may be needed to clean details and the links. Rinse in cool water & dry with a soft, clean cloth.
Wrap clean, silver jewelry in tissue paper, then store in an air tight zip-lock baggie.
For antique/heirloom jewelry, ask your jeweler for cleaning advice. Some stones are softer than others, some are porous and have unique cleaning needs.
Have your ring settings checked once a year, so a missing 2ct diamond doesn't give you a heart attack. Add it to the calendar with clock changes.
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