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Heavy Rain Snaps Trees In Marshall County


KINGSTON, OK -- A strong rain storm moved through Marshall County and left some damage behind, including downed limbs that littered some streets and yards.

Around 7 p.m., residents experienced several minutes of heavy rain and winds. An electric worker responded to South Main Street, where a power line came down in front of a home south of the railroad tracks.

Downed limbs and tree branches were scattered around, especially on the south side of town. One man came out of his house after the storm passed and found that a limb had smashed down right onto the hood of his jeep.

"It was just a heavy rain and heavy wind. You couldn't hardly see through it just. Wind just blowing almost sideways, blowing the rain sideways," says storm victim George Keck.

The storm broke the right side window at the Designer Pipe Furniture at the main stop light, leaving the owners to try to patch up their store.

"With some of what appears to be straight line winds, we've got quite a bit of tree damage, some damage to roofs, and we have had some windows knocked out of homes," says Kingston Fire Chief James Kuykendall.

At the Red River Valley Rural Electric building on Highway 32, part of the awning roof on the front of the building blew off into the parking lot. A small piece even went across the street.