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Local Couple Shares Decades Long Love Story


BONHAM, TX-- In a digital age where couples around the world find love through online dating and social media, it's not uncommon to fall in love with someone without ever meeting them face to face. That may be true now, but what about sixty years ago?

Tonight, a local couple shares their story of a lengthy pen-pal, turned to love relationship, that ended with their marriage just days after meeting. Now sixty-two years later, they're still as much in love as ever.

"I just have a deep love and respect and caring for her that is just unexplainable," Bonham resident Louis Holmes said.

Louis and Edna Holmes recently celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary with an admiration for each other that's only continued to grow throughout the years.

"I like his strength. I don't mean muscle, but I like his strength," Edna said.

"Knowledge is what she is trying to say," Louis said.

"No {it's} his manly way of looking at things," Edna corrected.

These days the two are pretty much inseparable.

"Our presence together's okay, and always satisfying to us, but we really do like different things," Edna said. "He loves sports. He likes to watch the ball games. I love to read and I love to write. I like to write in my journals," Edna said.

In fact,  it was Edna's love of writing that led her to the love of her life. In 1948, 18-year-old Louis was serving in the army and stationed in Japan with Edna's cousin, Charles. Charles knew how much Edna loved to write and had noticed that his friend Louis had not been receiving a lot of mail.

"He suggested why don't you write my cousin, she'll write to you, so I thought I got nothing to loose so I wrote to kitten the first letter. {It was} a letter of introduction and I got a reply,"  Louis told us.

Edna was just 14-years-old when she wrote her first letter to Louis. The two quickly became pen pals and even kept in touch after Louis was sent to Korea shortly after the war began.

"All the soldiers in the mail room were kind of a little bit jealous because they were always calling Holmes, Homes, Holmes" Louis said, laughing.

It was through the letters that they got to know each other better.

"We spoke about marriage, (after some time) and after a couple years we spoke about having a family, a little boy and a little girl" Louis said.

After Louis returned home from Korea in 1951, the two made plans to meet for the first time at a bus station Vernon, Texas. Louis would be traveling in a Greyhound with his mother, while Edna would be waiting there for him in a pink dress.

"I walked out for the first time and I looked in that car window and saw her and for the first time she saw me and we were speechless," Louis said.

He wasn't speechless for long. The couple spent five days talking non-stop and as the trip came to an end, they decided to get married.

"It began to dawn on him, and me, that when he left there we wouldn't know when we'd see each other again," Edna said. "He was still in the military and I was in school and Texas and Illinois are a long ways apart. I think that's when it began to formulate in our minds that if this is going to go any further we'll have to be married,"  Edna explained.

On June 10th, 1951 the two were married and the couple has been making it work ever since. They did get their boy and their girl and are now the proud grandparents to five grand kids.

So what's their secret to success?

"It doesn't always come easy to everybody," Louis said. "You have to have something in common with the person you're marrying and we found out through writing that we had a lot of things in common. We found out that we really loved each other and we've loved each other ever since. We've not kept secrets from each other and we know each other like a book." 

Although some may say this is a great ending to fairytale love story, Louis and Edna say there are still several chapters left to write.