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Lone Grove Police Search for Man that Burglarized Sonic


ARDMORE, OK-- Broken windows, stolen cash, and blood left behind. Police in Lone Grove are searching for a man they said burglarized a popular fast food restaurant.

A local neighboring business owner said she was shocked to find the Sonic in Lone Grove located off highway 70 was burglarized.

"I'm extremely shocked about this because here it's real quiet and peaceful and this has never happened before since I've moved here so it just surprised me," said Yummy China Business Owner Mengling Zhang.    

Zhang said she moved her business here three years ago from New York and said it's the first time something like this has happened.

"I'm so glad nobody was there though you see a lot of things happen every day in other places and it's the first time here so I'm glad nobody was hurt," said Zhang.

Authorities said a white male in his late teens to early or mid-twenties broke into the drive through window around 2 a.m. Wednesday.

"It appears that he was searching for money, destroyed several items in the process and ended up finding the cash door and ended up leaving with approximately $200 in cash," said Police Chief Robert Oldham.

Oldham said it's the first time the drive in has been broken into. He said they currently do not have anyone in custody but are reviewing evidence.

While the thief did make away with some cash, police said he left behind some very important evidence.

"Sonic did have surveillance video so we did have video of the actual break in plus the suspect left DNA by cutting himself through the window."

Police urge anyone with any information to please contact them immediately.