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City of Denison Gets Input to Improve Waterloo Park


DENISON, TX -- Many people have a deep care for Waterloo Park and visit it weekly if not daily.

"We love it. We are very blessed here with Waterloo Lake and all the equipment and everything and the park. It's just a joy, its really a blessing from the Lord and we are thankful to live so close," says Lindsey Jones who lives in Denison.

So when the meeting was held by the city to get ideas on how to make it better, a good amount of people showed up, despite the heat.

"We were happy they were willing to share and give us ideas and most people love just the nature of the park and we have no intentions of changing that. We want to keep it just invite people in," explains Sunny Mackey, Manager of Denison Parks and Recreation.

Ideas that were shared included improving the current walking trails and adding new ones. Also expanding the bathroom facilities and adding a dog park were just a few of the popular ideas to improve the park.

"There were boards they could write on and big maps and people could write down ideas and things that could be improved upon," says Mackey.

David Self, who works in Denison, comes to Waterloo a lot to enjoy the beautiful sight while eating his lunch.

"Some park benches like down around, next to the water's edge. I think they have some of those but maybe a few more of those, maybe if they did some memorial stones with some history of Denison. That's about all I could think of otherwise it's a really nice place," explains Self.

Ian Corcoran who lives across the street from the park would like to see improved parking.

"Just better parking around here. Because everyone tries to park in front of the house."

"My husband said something about more shade trees around the park, because it does get kind of hot," says Jones.

The plan right now, the city wants to continue collecting ideas.  

"This is definitely still the dream stages. We told them there was nothing too crazy to write on there and that's what we wanted to hear," says Mackey.

A company is taking the ideas and compiling a plan which will take a few months to complete. It will be brought before city council to be approved before any renovations will start.