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Grayson Co. Tractor Pull Draws Weekend Crowds


GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- The excitement of roaring engines drew crowds to a field near Whitewright this weekend.

The Whitewright Tractor Pull was held just east of town. Organizer Bill Hazelwood says this is the 37th year he's held the event, and we found some of the participants warming up their engines on Saturday afternoon.

Hazelwood says there are certain rules that the participants must follow when modifying their tractors. "Everybody's pretty much run the same type vehicle and it's just the luck of the draw and who gets the best traction and how far they can drag the sled," says Hazelwood.

Hazelwood says the event attracts farmers not just from Texas, but also from all around the country, and they take part in various tractor shows. He says thousands of people turned out to catch the show which takes place three nights over July Fourth weekend and wraps up Saturday night.