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UPDATE: Sherman woman dies two days after falling from roof of SUV


UPDATE -- Eric Pendleton, 38, is now facing three charges in connection with the case: Murder, DWI and intoxicated manslaughter. It is at least the fourth DWI charge against Pendleton since 2002.

Denison police say Pendleton was behind the wheel when Betty Ann Robison, 42, crawled through the moon roof they were traveling in. She was outside the vehicle, on the roof, police say, when she lost her balance and fell onto the pavement.

Robison was flown to Plano Medical Center where police say she died Sunday night around 6:00.

Pendleton's brother-in-law, Kevin Boswell, says Pendleton and Robison had been dating for about a month.

"She was a very bright and bubbly personality. She really loved to have fun, loved to sit around and talk and just enjoy life," Boswell said.

He says the family grew close to Robison in the short time she and Pendleton dated.

"We're extremely distraught right now. Very sorry for the loss of a very good friend, a mother, a grandmother, and we're at a loss right now for what's going on," Boswell said.

The accident happened late Friday night around 9:45 on Ansley Lane and Holly Drive in Denison.


DENISON, TX -- A Sherman woman is in critical condition after police say she fell out of a sunroof of a car that was driving down a dark road.

"Car surfing" can often involve teenagers trying to get a thrill, but in this case police say it was an adult who was sticking her body out of a car roof. She fell, and now the driver is under arrest.

Officers were called around 9:45 p.m. on Friday to a report of a woman bleeding from the head. "When I came out and saw the police officer helping, I asked if there was anything I could do and he said that the ambulance was on its way," says neighbor Tod Turean.

Police say Betty Robison, 42, of Sherman, was in the vehicle with three other people and the group apparently left from Wal-Mart and were driving south down Ansley Lane.

"Allegedly the victim, Betty Robison, was standing up through the moonroof of the car and fell out of the vehicle and hit the pavement," says police Lt. Mike Eppler.

"Everyone was out of the vehicle and they were all talking to the police officer," says Turean.

An Air Evac Lifeteam medical helicopter landed around 10:15 p.m. on the Highway 75 frontage road near Hampton Inn and waited, but the ambulance headed to Texoma Medical Center after about 20 minutes.

"The driver was intoxicated and he was subsequently arrested for felony DWI," says Eppler.

Officers spent about an hour checking over the vehicle before it was towed away. Neighbors on this quiet street saw the police cars and wondered what was going on.

"I was standing there talking to that gal and asked her if she wanted a drink of water or something and he told me to get out of there because it's a crime scene," says neighbor Willy Clark.

"They pulled the car into our driveway and the headlights were shining on the front of the house," says Turean.

Police say Robison, who was suffering from head trauma, was airlifted to Plano in critical condition. "Somehow she lost her balance or something happened to cause her to fall out of that vehicle," says Eppler.

"If anyone was hurt at all my hopes and prayers would be that they're healed quickly," says Turean.

Police are not releasing the name of the driver, but say he was taken to the Denison City Jail. Police are still investigating exactly what happened and how far the woman was sticking out of the roof.