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Campaign Asks Texomans to Clean Up Fireworks Debris


TEXOMA--- Every year, Americans shoot off millions of fireworks on the 4th of July and every year, there's a mess to clean up the next day. This year, the "Don't Mess with Texas Campaign" is reminding anyone shooting off fireworks to make sure to clean up when the celebrating is over.

Leaving fireworks debris on the ground is a misdemeanor crime in the state of Texas and constitutes as littering. Today, fireworks stand workers said when disposing of fireworks, make sure to remember a few things.

"You defiantly want to make sure that they're definitely out and that there's no embers left in the package," Jacob Blackwell of Stateline Fireworks said. "You want to dispose of them at your nearest dumpster."

Texas Department of Transportation officials said the cost of clean up can get up into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. They said anyone caught leaving fireworks behind can be ticketed up to $500 dollars for littering.