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Colbert Police Raising Funds To Install Dash Cameras


COLBERT, OK -- It's a piece of equipment now standard for many police departments, but one Bryan County agency has been going without.

Officers in this small department often enforce speed limits on a major highway. Now, they want access to a piece of technology they say is crucial to help do their job.

Colbert Police Chief Jeff Goerke says having cameras in their police cars will allow them to have a record of traffic stops in case it's needed in court.

Goerke says it would give a better record of their interactions with the public. It will cost about $8,000 to put the cameras into three police cars and one reserve car, but with a tight budget, officers say they simply can't afford them. That's where a Fourth of July fundraiser held Thursday at the City Park comes in.

"It's going to be a dash camera type camera setup," says Goerke. "It's going to be so the officers can record what's going on in case complaints are made against the officer, they've got a camera for prosecution purposes when they do make a stop."

Goerke says he recently moved back to Oklahoma from Missouri, and that one of his officers came up with the idea for the fundraiser and he gave him the go-ahead. First United Bank and the local Masonic Lodge also took part. 

The all-day event included a motorcycle "poker run," classic cars, and a cook-out, and will wrap up tonight with a fireworks show that's put on by the Colbert Fire Department.