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Fourth of July Pet Safety Tips


ARDMORE, OK-- While the Fourth of July may be exciting for millions across the U.S. It can be a stressful time for our pets, and experts want you to remember a few helpful tips to keep your pets safe.

Fireworks, barbeque, and lots of sun it's that time of year when people across Texoma and the nation will be enjoying Independence Day.

One local animal expert said it's the most dangerous holiday for pets.

"The most common phone call we're going to get is a few days later the dogs are having severe gastro issues and that's from eating fatty foods they get from the trash or from licking under the grill," said Dr. Cade Wilson, a Veterinarian for the Carter County Animal Hospital.

Dr. Cade Wilson said although it may be tempting to give your animals food from the cookout, he said it can be very dangerous.

"Worry about choking hazards with hot dogs, those are things people don't generally think about on the Fourth of July," said Dr. Wilson.

"We have four dogs, seven cats, a horse and a donkey."

Fiona McAlister is no stranger to pets; she has several of her own and volunteers daily at the Animal Shelter in Ardmore.
"We're fairly aware of especially not giving our dogs bones, and it's very tempting when you have that great barbeque and you just want to give those to your dog's, but we try to avoid that," said McAlister.

With Fourth of July festivities comes the dangers of fireworks, something Dr. Wilson said can also be very dangerous. It's something McAlister has planned for in advance.

"We like to make sure they're enclosed, we have fenced off yards and we make sure those gates are secure and that those fences are high enough our dogs can't jump over them if they get nervous, and we'll put some of our animals inside the house," said McAlister.

Experts said to also make sure to keep your animals in shaded areas with plenty of water during these hot summer days.

He said the nearest 24 hour animal hospital to Carter County is in Denton Texas and Norman.