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Cell phone carrier now offering faster speeds in Sherman & Denison


SHERMAN -- Like many Texomans, Harold Beck is an iPhone user and says high-speed cell service is important for both his personal and professional life.

"The faster we can download information, the better," he said.

That's why Beck decided to bag his old cell for an iPhone 5, which is compatible with AT&T's 4G LTE network now being offered in Sherman and Denison. The carrier made the announcement July 2.

"The devices nowadays are actually much more advanced than the network with any carrier," Kory Deaton, sales manager for AT&T said. "So with the evolution of 4G and LTE, the factory data speeds, the gaming, the two-way video calling, all those things are much more advanced and work great."

AT&T says it activated its LTE towers last week.

But as more users, like Beck, begin to buy new devices and tap into the upgraded network, some say ultra-fast speeds may start to slow over time. Ken Colburn is a tech expert and founder of a nationwide computer repair chain called Data Doctors. He says consumers also need to be aware, faster speeds can cause your data usage to creep up.

"So you have to be very careful and not get too carried away because you could max out your data plan very, very quickly with LTE. If you're constantly streaming video, you're constantly streaming Pandora, you're doing all these things because you can, you have to keep in mind, if you have a cap, you need to mind that cap," Colburn said.

Verizon also lists Sherman/Denison as a market it offers 4G LTE in.

As for AT&T, only phones built to be compatible with the 4G LTE network will be able to meet the faster speeds. For the iPhone, Deaton says any version older than the iPhone 5 will not work on the LTE network. However, he says older phones may still be slightly faster as a result of the network upgrade.