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Fundraiser Held For Bondsman Shot By Sherman Officer


SHERMAN, TX -- Dozens of people attended a fundraiser for an off-duty Sherman firefighter mistakenly shot by a police officer during an apparent mix-up this spring.

The bail bondsman called the Sherman Police Department for help making an arrest, but a rookie officer who says the bondsman pointed a taser at him, ended up shooting him twice. Now the bondsman is undergoing physical therapy.

It was the day when his second job as a bail bonds agent nearly killed him. "I was shot on the back of my left arm and then on the left side of my abdomen," says Liberty Bail Bonds employee Jeff Jones.

Jones, 45, went after a bail jumper in March and ended up in a Plano hospital for 8 days. "We were worried when he got shot twice how bad he was," says Jones's friend Marquetta Masson.

The Bonham resident had called Sherman police to help him make the arrest. "I had received some information that I didn't really feel comfortable with and I certainly didn't want to go over there and try to arrest him by myself," says Jones.

According to prosecutors' account of Texas Ranger Brad Oliver's investigation, two officers found the suspect, who did resist arrest at the front of the house on South Gribble Street.

The report says Officer Alex Shivers went to the back door and saw Jones jumping over the back fence. Shivers slipped in the mud and reported Jones pointed a weapon, and Shivers fired twice.

The investigation showed Jones denied pointing the taser, and said his view was blocked and he thought Shivers, who was on the ground, may have been fighting a suspect.

Jones said he made eye contact with the two officers in front of the house, and believed they knew who he was.

"I don't know what he was thinking on that particular day. I can't speak for him," says Jones.

When asked if he has spoken to Shivers, Jones says no. "Nobody from the Sherman P.D. has contacted me. I haven't spoken with anybody from the police department," says Jones.

Jones says the fundraiser held Saturday at the Elks Lodge on F.M. 1417 will help with his medical bills, which are only partly covered by insurance.

Meanwhile, a grand jury looked into the shooting, but declined to file any charges against the officer involved.

Jones says he hopes to be cleared to return to both his jobs soon. "He's on his vacation pay and his sick pay right now and when that runs out, there's nothing so we gotta help him out," says Masson.

"You worry about him being a fireman so it's just as dangerous. I mean, you know, we're not promised tomorrow," says Jones's friend Glenn Whitaker.

Shivers, 25, was hired last February and was re-instated the day after the grand jury cleared him in April and he was also cleared in a internal investigation, police Sgt. D.M. Hampton said.