North And South Lanes Of Denison Viaduct Now Open - - No One Gets You Closer

North And South Lanes Of Denison Viaduct Now Open

DENISON, TX -- As of today traffic is once again flowing on both sides of the Denison viaduct.  

For the past 18 months, half of the bridge has been closed to renovations after the Texas Department of Transportation deemed it structurally deficient.

$8,000,000 went toward enhancing safety features that will keep the bridge functioning for the next 50 years.

TXDOT officials say they are maintaining the original architectural style of the bridge and that the reopening will enhance mobility into Denison.  

"For the next month and a half you'll still see one lane traffic each direction," said Noel Paramananthm, TXDOT Engineer," but then as soon as the median is completed and the lighting goes up, we'll open both lanes to traffic."

Although it will be August before all four lanes are back in business, TXDOT officials say drivers will already be able to notice the major improvements.