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Community Shares Opinions on Improvements to Denison's Waterloo Park


DENISON, TX---- One of the city of Denison's most popular parks is getting a facelift. Right now, the city and a Dallas-based landscape architectural firm are putting together a master plan that will include several upgrades to Waterloo Park, but before any changes can be made, the city wants to get the public's opinion on what improvements they'd like to see.

Today, community members weighed in on what they would like to see at a public meeting held by the city staff, city park consultants and La Terra Studio.

"I'd like a little more shade cover because it is really hot," Nick Dusek said.

"I'd like more toys and playground equipment for the kids," Nicole Anderson said. "Also, the current equipment isn't really shaded and when my children play on it burns their legs."  

"We need more trees," Damian Mata said.

City workers said they made note of their comments and will use them in the process of putting together the master plan. Park consultants said once the plan is finalized, it could take up to ten years to complete and that it will be implemented as funds become available.