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ATM Thieves Caught On Tape At Two Texoma Businesses


MARSHALL COUNTY, OK -- Thieves hit ATMs in two counties and were caught on tape both times. Now, authorities believe thefts in both Marshall and Grayson counties are the work of the same two thieves.

Investigators say they have two suspects and there is a match between the pickup truck and the shoes a thief is wearing in videos from both cases. Now they're hoping for a break in the cases.

In Marshall County, two men were caught on tape as they hooked a chain to an ATM inside a store on Highways 32 and 377. "They're sorry, too lazy to work, and no good," says Crossroads store owner Larry Lee.

Lee says he has a very low opinion of the men who were caught on tape breaking into his store by prying metal bars and smashing through glass doors on Friday around 1:30 a.m. He says they got away with about $1,600.

"That's money I lost. It's my money and the insurance don't cover the money. They cover the box, but they don't cover the cash," says Lee.

"Is this unusual to have ATM theft?" KTEN asked. "Yes, it is. In this area, it's very rare," says Sheriff Ed Kent.

Lee says since this happened, he's replaced the metal-barred doors that swing closed in front of the store at night. Meanwhile, investigators are trying to see if there's a connection to a robbery in Bells.

"The machine is heavily damaged. It's a total loss. When speaking with the bank president, it's about $30,000," says Bells Police Chief Scott Barrett.

Someone destroyed a cash machine on Tuesday morning at Highway 82 and F.M. 1897 at the First National Bank of Bells/Savoy branch. Police say for an hour, they used a chain and a power saw, but couldn't get to the money.

Meanwhile in Marshall County, investigators say some 100 gallons of diesel fuel is missing from the county waterworks off Highway 32 and a few other nearby locations.

"We suspect that they're all tied together, that it's the same two people. We think that the vehicle that's involved is diesel powered," says Kent.

At the Crossroads store, customers are upset to hear about what happened. "I don't think it's right that people break into little stores like this, mom and pop businesses are going by the wayside," says customer Andy McGuffee.

If caught, the men could face felony charges for criminal mischief and burglary. The store's ATM is out of service for now, and so is the one at the bank, where with all the damage, the machine now needs to be replaced.