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Ardmore Motel Shuts Down After Bed Bug Infestation


ARDMORE, OK-- A motel in Ardmore is shut down after bed bugs and other issues pose a threat to customers.

The Regency Inn located on 2705 on North Commerce St. in Ardmore was forced to close its doors after it failed a city code inspection.

City officials said the motel has been under surveillance for about a year and the owners have been told numerous times to fix problems with bed bugs, mold issues, as well as water and sewer.

Code enforcement officers said an angry customer called them to complain after noticing bed bug bites on her children and roaches falling from the ceiling.

The motel was shut down and customers were forced to leave the building. They said the motel will stay closed until the owner's fix the issues and it meets city codes.

The owners declined to comment but said they'll take care of the issues.