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Ardmore Fire Department Adds iPad's to Fire Trucks


ARDMORE, OK-- Ardmore fire captain Dave Tomlinson said the department added iPad's to their fire trucks earlier this month.

He said although it won't physically help fight a fire, it will give them the information they need all at their fingertips

"they're going to show hydrants, they're going to show fire department connections, they're going to show exits and entrances and they're going to tell you how many people could be in there," said Capt. Tomlinson.

Tomlinson said the new addition will help speed up everything from equipment checks to on-scene operations, and when it comes to fighting fires homeowners agree time is of the essence.
"If they hadn't acted as fast as they acted I think the whole place would have been all gone to the ground, they maintained it quick and I think they did a good job," said Ardmore Resident Joe Allgood.

 Allgood was at work when his house caught on fire. Officials got the call shortly after 11 Wednesday morning and now with address information readily on hand, they can get to locations quicker.

"It's a good tool as far as responding to calls just as far as back up for dispatch. Sometimes we can't hear dispatch sometimes they give you an address and have to correct that address," said Tomlinson.

No one was hurt in the fire, and officials said the home had extensive damages to it.  

Allgood said he's thankful to the Ardmore fire department for acting so quickly.