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Crafty Creations: The Art of Decorating With Paper


DECOUPAGE: The art of decorating with paper, translated it means "cut up";

a French word & everything sounds better in French!


PAPER MACHE': Also French, for "cracked paper". Available at the craft stores in different shapes and sizes. This segment we featured a few letters and boxes.


This art has been around for a very long time. With the craft craze, it's even easier and an economical, fun idea for a summer project with the kids.


First, let's start with the supply list, short and sweet.


Paper Mache Box

Mod Podge- a water base sealer, glue & finish

Craft paint

Sponge brushes



Scrap book paper

Foil piece for wet brushes

CD- your favorite music


For the beginner, I advise something with straight edges and a flat surface. Paper mache boxes are a good way to experience the process with success. Experiment with several papers on the 4 sides and lid.


PAPER: pick your paper(s). Use one print on all box sides or choose several prints.


BOX & LID: Paint the edges to match your paper & let dry. This way, some color is present if the paper isn't covering all the edge. The inside can be left plain.


Lay the paper on top of one side of the box & crease along the box edges. Cut or tear, with a ruler, along the crease. If you'd like several pieces of scraps on your box, just tear as you like. You may need to trim one square piece with scissors, so test the size.


Coat one side of the box with the Mod Podge. I use sponge brushes. The paper mache may be dry & absorb the adhesive, so a second coat may be needed. Make sure it's even and smooth.


Lay your paper on the wet section, some movement is possible once applied, and rub lightly with your hand or paper towel. This will smear the coat underneath and prevent paper bubbling. Some Mod Podge may ooze from the paper edges, wipe with the paper towel.


If you're using scraps and layering-more sealer may be needed as you go.


Repeat on the other box sides and lid.


The Mod Podge is also the top coat. This will give a finish and seal the paper.

It comes in several finishes; I use the gloss-lustre for a slight sheen.


It also comes in a flat finish, glitter, glow-in-the-dark, & vitamin fortified, I think!


Apply the top coat evenly and lightly & let dry. Do one area at a time & let dry.

I have found this to work best, so you have a dry area to hold while working.


After all the sides and top of the lid are dry, you have a finished product!


Embellishment is next & we'll talk about that later.


"The nature of having ideas & creativity is incredibly inspiring." Jonathan Ive




By Brenda Hantsche




Sherman Town Center-HWY 75

July 13th, 2013






Sponge brushes 2-4

Mod Podge



Wet wipes (optional for hands)

Dry paper towel

Craft paint

Paper Mache Box-medium size

Scrap Book Paper

Mom , Sister or BFF!!


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