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City Officials Host Ardmore Community Meetings


ARDMORE, OK-- Road conditions in Ardmore are just one of many issues that will be discussed in a community meeting held at the Ardmore public library.

City officials have put together a series of meetings so residents can have a chance to voice their opinions and concerns about current issues.

Resident Greg pace said there are problems with water and sewer that need to be addressed.

"The fact that there is some dirt that gets in the water occasionally and when you bathe it gets on you, also there's not a lot of water pressure at times," said Pace.

Mayor Sheryl Ellis said the city plans on improving water and sewer conditions with an $8,000,000.

"Almost every municipality in the United States has infrastructure that's about 100 years old and when that happens you have major breaks, and you have pipes that are deteriorating," said Mayor Ellis.

Mayor Ellis said she encourages the community to come to the meeting and get involved.

"What the mission is, to create relationships with citizens, in personal presence of department heads of the city," said Mayor Ellis.

Resident Joyce Burton said she does not have any concerns about the city and she said she's excited about new city improvements.

"One thing I had read about that has recently changed is the ability to pay your water bill online and I think that is great because I really enjoy being able to do everything I can online," said Burton.