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Drought Outlook for the Summer


TEXOMA -- Only a few counties in our viewing area are in an abnormally dry state right now, with most of Texoma drought free.

The current weather patterns suggest hot and dry weather being a normal over the course of the next three months.

"The National Climate Prediction Center outlooks the next three months, basically the summer season, as a drier period for our area which is pretty normal pattern for a Texoma summer," explains Meteorologist Cathy Evans.

Climate patterns which is basically a look at the weather over a much  longer period of time suggest the drought could be an issue for the next few years across Texas and Oklahoma.

When the Pacific waters around the equator are not overly warm but the Atlantic ocean waters are warmer than normal the overall weather pattern tends to leave more of the southwestern United States in a drier state.

"Basically we want to remind people, just because we are not in a drought now does not mean we don't need to be concerned. Conditions can change fairly fast entering into the summer months."

The good news, we go through cycles of wet and dry periods all the time. Over the last 100 years it has been up and down. We are just in a dry period now that looks to continue for next few years but that can easily change.

A tropical system with moisture but weak winds would certainly help prevent a drought.

Also the 90 day outlook is an average so that means we can still see periods of rain throughout the next three months.