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Summer Begins Without Algae Concerns At Lake Texoma


GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- The official start of summer brings thousands of boaters to Lake Texoma.

The season began just after midnight, and we found some boaters coming and going from Highport Marina. After a rainy Memorial Day, businesses are looking forward to July 4, which falls on a Thursday.

Unlike some past summers, blue green algae, which the Grayson County Health Department now discounts, seems to be less of a concern.

"Right now, there's no concerns with blue green algae," says Army Corps of Engineers Lake Texoma project manager B.J. Parkey. "The latest test results are showing low cell counts and non-detectable toxicity. The reporting agency for getting that type of data is the Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department, and anybody can go on their website."

According to the website, cell counts were elevated in Treasure Island and Sheppard Annex during a test on May 24. Toxicity levels were reported to be below the World Health Organization threshold.

The website advises visitors not drink, swim, or let pets swim in the water at those locations.