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Relay For Life Fundraising Event In Ardmore


ARDMORE, OK-- The race is on in Ardmore to help raise money for the fight against cancer. Relay for life is hosting a fundraiser tonight and Organizers are picking up the pace.

Denisa Baker was diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago. Today she's feeling great but still recovering.

"I was diagnosed a year ago, June 26th and I'm doing really well. My last chemo was January 17th and my last radiation was March 19th," said Baker.

The organization Rack Pack was organized by her friends after baker and another friend were diagnosed with cancer.

"We wanted to help them, help provide for their expenses, to travel to and from Tulsa for their treatments, and also help them any way we can," said Team Co-Captain Lisa Sudderth

More than 25 groups of people all dedicated to raising money for cancer patients and research are taking part in a fundraising event at the noble stadium in Ardmore.

  Kelly Fryer is the event chair for Relay for Life. She said they've already raised about $60,000.

"I can't put a price on a human life and I can't put a price on research either. I have not done that with them, I just said if you can give me a little more than you did last year and if our hearts in the right place that it's all going to work out fine," said Fryer.

Baker said the Rack Pack has already raised more than $400 and hopes to raise more.

"We are trying to sell T-shirts, just to help you now raise money for Relay for Life. We're also going to be selling BBQ pops and chips, you know just trying to raise money for relay for life," said Baker

Items purchased such as food, T-shirts, and sno cones will help raise money that will all go toward the Relay for life organization.