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Ardmore Gym Owner Upset After City issues a ticket


ARDMORE, OK-- An Ardmore man is cited after he claims he and his fitness group were simply running on the sidewalk.

Jeff miller and his wife own the gym Fitness Professionals located on Main Street in downtown Ardmore. 

Miller and a few gym members were sprinting along Main Street when he said a city code enforcement officer approached him with $250 fine. 

"I think a $250 fine that a lot of people do here in town is kind of ridiculous," said Miller.

Miller said a couple days prior he was given a warning letter from the city advising that he could not conduct business on the sidewalk. 

 Miller then contacted his lawyer who advised that as long as he was not violating city codes, he could run along the streets of Ardmore. 

"As long as we don't have equipment, dumbbells, tires, any type of equipment on the sidewalks, that would be ok, and that the running would be just fine," said Miller.
However, city enforcement officer Jessica Scott said he was violating city codes, blocking the sidewalk and endangering pedestrians. 

"He had cones blocking the sidewalk and people running back and fourth when I was there that I personally saw so I wrote him a ticket," said Scott.

Scott also said she's been receiving several calls of complaints from business owners who are concerned for their customers. 

"They can run all over downtown, I urge people to run all over downtown, just the sprinting in front of the businesses in front of downtown, it's a hazard, it's dangerous to pedestrians," said Scott.

Miller disagrees stating he did not have any equipment on the sidewalk and that he was simply running. 

Miller plans on fighting the ticket in court, he said feels as if his business was discriminated against. However, City officials said they also warned another business the same day they warned miller to remove equipment they had on city streets, in which the city said they did. 

Miller will appear in court on June 26th.