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Texoma family pleads for help solving hit-and-run homicide


ACHILLE, OK -- Sherry Cooper says she's still trying to come to the realization that her brother, Stephen Cooper, 46, won't be stopping by her home in Achille anymore during his hauls from Arkansas to Texas.

"This is still real hard to accept because he was on the road a lot so sometimes it seemed like he was traveling. But this time, he's not coming back," she said.

Stephen was a truck driver for a company based in Van Buren, Arkansas. Sherry says his radio handle was "preacher."

"He was a godly man," she said. "His generosity never stopped." Sherry says her brother also shared the road with passenger vehicles and other truckers.

"He was a very cautious and courteous driver," she said. Knowing his respect for the road, she says, makes what happened to him along a stretch of I-35 in Forth Worth so infuriating.

"It should have never happened," Sherry said.

On May 28, around 7:30am, Fort Worth police say Stephen was traveling southbound on I-35 when the driver of another 18-wheeler came into his lane and forcing him off the shoulder of the road. He flipped his semi and became pinned inside his cab. Stephen died at the scene.

"My mom about collapsed," Sherry said. "I had to hold her up."

The driver of the other semi kept going and has never been identified. "I just don't see how somebody can do that to somebody else," she said.

Witnesses were only able to give police a general description of the suspect's semi. They said it was an 18-wheeler with box trailer that may have been gray or white. Since the wreck, Fort Worth police have asked anyone with information to come forward.

Crime Stoppers is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the person responsible.

"I don't want the person who has done this to cause any other family the pain and misery and everything that we've went through. They need to be stopped," Sherry said.

FWPD Traffic Division can be contacted at 817-392-4850. Crime Stoppers can be reached at (817) 469-TIPS (8477) or WWW.469TIPS.COM