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Denison Frozen Food Business Plans Major Expansion


DENISON, TX -- A frozen food business announced this morning it plans to expand its plant and will soon hire dozens of new employees.

The Ruiz Foods plant opened several years ago and was the biggest manufacturing investment in Denison in decades. It's grown to a payroll of $20 million and now a new 50,000-square foot addition is planned.

The makers of frozen burritos, tamales and taquitos, some produced at a plant on Texoma Drive, say business has been good.

"Our business has been growing and we are looking for ways to add capacity specifically in the central part of the United States," says company president/CEO Rachel Cullen.

In 2005, Ruiz Foods moved into a plant where Pillsbury had made chilled dough products. They were set to hire 400 employees, but now have 700.

In a visit to the Denison Chamber of Commerce, the company president announced they will now add 100 to 150 more jobs in the next three years.

"We're celebrating the fact that Ruiz Foods has found Denison to be a place to grow and prosper and today, seven years after they originally announced that they were going to move here, they're growing with an additional $30 million investment," says Denison mayor Jared Johnson.

The company has three factories, the other two being in California. In Denison, they have three production lines and now they will be adding a fourth.

"We were crowded in our current space, in all three of our facilities across the country," says Cullen.

The addition will be made to the west side of the building along the back. The city, county, and college are chipping in, taking about half off the company's tax bills on the new property and equipment for the first five years.

The Denison Development Alliance is also working on an incentive payment for each of the new jobs.

"We were really excited because Ruiz has been such a good corporate citizen here in Denison," says DDA board member Andy Wilkins. "They've done a lot for the community, Boys and Girls Club, and United Way."

They plan to start construction soon and it should be complete and on line by the spring. Company officials say they will soon be looking for committed and trustworthy employees for the expansion.