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Crafty Creations: Kitchen Decorating Tips That Won't Break The Bank


In this week's Crafty Creations, Brenda brought in everything but the kitchen sink... literally. We're looking for fun ways to decorate the kitchen and not break the bank. Here are few ideas.



This week we have an array of items for decorating the kitchen. Yes, it is the busiest room of the home, so it should be pleasing to the eye and functional, too. With all the time we spend in the kitchen, organization is a key and cheery colors can keep attitudes positive!




Start with 3 colors for your room. If you're color afraid, go with all whites. Shades of one color can also be an option. If white is your choice, think of layering with creams, ivory and tans.


Today's segment features greens, yellows and oranges. Here, everything rotates around a pear painting by Texas artist, Karen Foster . Pick one item you absolutely love, and base all deciding factors from there. Consider this your decorating "anchor". This keeps the look consistent and keeps clutter from piling up while your back is turned!


Textures add depth and interest. Look around your home. Find Grandma's old pottery, maybe a few wooden bowls and baskets! Baskets; they're great for storing things used infrequently. If you like the look of weathered and worn, add copper, the patina changes over time and a few pieces go a long way. Use a copper teakettle for flowers on the table.


IDEA: introduce 4-6 new plates, bowls and cups that coordinate with what you already have. It's an affordable option that won't need a lot of space. Use an over sized piece for display, with a plate hanger or easel.


An initial adds a personal touch to a room-get more than one style to create a word that's special to your family. These come in a variety of choices at the craft store.


Function can be pretty! Wooden utensils are hard working and too attractive for the kitchen drawer. Keep what you use at hand, but keep priceless countertop real estate free from piles of "pretties".


Coordinating fabrics are now displayed together at the fabric store, so choosing two or three for home made placemats, valances or napkins is easy. Think long term, don't get a lot of wild and crazy fabric, use that for curtain trim, stool top or your teen's room. Classic prints have longevity.


Linen napkins look dressier with an embroidered initial or monogram. Mix and match colors or fonts for a fun element. These are great for gifts, too.


Thrift stores, resale shops and consignments stores are great places to find better things at a great price. Keep an open mind; you may miss something fabulous because you were only looking for a red & white striped giraffe!


Again, SPRAY PAINT! If you find the perfect shape but in the wrong color…paint it!


Summer produce provides a bounty of color and wonderful tastes. Take advantage & keep your nutrition accessible and on display.


"The essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail." Edwin Land



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