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Ardmore Man Receives "Big" Dental Surprise at Grand Opening


ARDMORE, OK-- Dental work can be expensive, but one local man is getting a complete smile make-over thanks to a local dentist.

It's an effort all part of the dentist's grand opening celebration. They released the name of the winner of their smile makeover contest.

It was a day of celebration for the "my dentist" office located in the 2-thousand-block of 12 street northwest in Ardmore.
"We chose Ardmore because it is steadily growing and we wanted to be a part of this community," said Office Manager Gina Runnels.

The dentist office has been open for more than a month now, but officials say they were waiting to kick off the celebration with the announcement of the winner of the "smile makeover contest."

After reviewing several entries, officials announced Gary Heller as the winner.

"I'm excited, I don't think I deserve it, but I'm grateful," said Heller.

 Heller's wife was the one who entered her husband into the contest and Heller said the letter his wife wrote about him for the contest was the ultimate prize.

"I think that reading the letter that she wrote me was the prize to me, this other stuff is bonus, I just like the letter," said Heller.

Runnels said dozens of people entered the contest, but they could only choose one winner.

"We posted on our website, family members could nominate you, you could also nominate yourself, you'd go on there and you give us a story of why you felt that you deserved to win the smile makeover contest," said Runnels.

She said when they read the letter Heller's wife wrote they knew they had a winner.

"His wife was the one who nominated him and the story that she gave us was just so sweet, and loving and we really felt that he deserved a second chance in life," said Runnels.

They said they don't plan on having another contest soon.

The dentist office is now open and ready for patients.