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Divers find drowning victim near Denison Dam


BRYAN COUNTY, OK -- The Oklahoma Highway Patrol has identified the man who drowned Monday afternoon in the Red River near the base of the Denison Dam.

Divers with the Cartwright Fire Department located Enrique Amador, 29, just after 5pm.

The Army Corp of Engineers dragged the area by boat just off shore. From the top of the Denison Dam, investigators used binoculars to look for any sign of the swimmer who witnesses say had been at the river with five or six friends.

"They were wrestling around like it was nothing," Doyle Haugland said.

Haugland says he saw several men emerge from the water before getting into the vehicle and driving off.

"There was no hollering or anything," Haugland said. "They just left."

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol says the men may not have had a working cell phone and returned to a home in Denison and called Amador's wife.

Less than 30 minutes after divers with the Cartwright Fire Department began their search, a wave by one of them signaled a body had been found.

"They found the victim in about four feet of water and about ten feet from the bank," OHP Trooper Greg Williams said.

Swimming near the Denison Dam can be dangerous. Signs warning swimmers of rapidly rising water levels are posted around the area. Officials say it is illegal to swim within 1,000 feet of the dam. Amador's body was found 1,500 feet away.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol has now identified the man as 29-year-old Enrique Amador.
They say Amador was last seen sitting on rocks in the middle of the river, about 1,500 feet east of the dam.

The OHP says friends called him but say he didn't respond and when they looked back he was gone.

Troopers say this is the first drowning at Lake Texoma and Red River this year, but say sadly, it probably won't be the last.

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