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2 Men in Custody after Drug Bust inside Madill Motel


MADILL, OK-- Investigators said two men that were in town working the Sand Bass festival in Madill are now in custody on drug trafficking charges. 

The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics said 59-year-old Lucious Goins and 63-year-old Richard Cato are in the Marshall County jail after a package containing 36-grams of crack cocaine was delivered to their motel room at the Madill Inn at 602 N. 1st Street.

"Inside the package was a smaller box of animal crackers and when our agents opened that box up they found what's called base cocaine and essentially it's the crack cocaine before it's been crushed and ready for re-sale," said OBN spokesperson Mark Woodward.

 Woodward said the drugs were found by the Oklahoma City Police Department after a K-9 sniffed it out during a routine inspection.

Woodward said that's when they picked up the package and did a control delivery to see where the package was supposed to be delivered.

That's when they said the package was delivered to room 119 at the Madill Inn.

"Our investigators interviewed them and they were not very cooperative, we were certainly hoping to find where the shipment originated from and try to follow the case back to its source," said Woodward.

Officials said the two men were in town working the sand bass festival in Madill, they said the men were from Milwaukee and Florida.

We spoke to the owner of the motel who declined to go on camera, but told us they're upset that something like this happened at their motel.

 Officials said the men are looking at serious charges

"They're looking against charges against controlled drug and also looking at charges of possession of a controlled drug within 2,000 feet of a daycare facility," said Woodward.

Investigators said the two men are being held at the Marshall County jail on a &75,000 bond.