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Carter County Man Arrested in Connection with Church Burglaries


Carter County, Ok-- A man is in custody after police said He tried to break into a church. They believe the man may be connected to a number of other church burglaries in the area.

Richard Anderson said he was disappointed when he heard about a man being arrested in connection to several church burglaries in the area.

"It's sad and disappointing a church of all things, to have something like this happen to," said Anderson.

 37-year-old Michael Scheetz was arrested late Wednesday night after police said he tried to break into the Crystal Rock Cathedral located at 2005 12th Ave. NW.

Trey McElroy lives across the street from the church and said he saw it all go down.

"Heard a bunch of screaming and we stepped up over the couch to look over the fence and there were three cop cars and they had a guy out of the car, he took off running and they took off chasing after him," said McElroy.

 The pastor of the church said one of his employees was inside the building preparing for an event Friday night when she noticed a man trying to break in. The employee said she hid in a dark hallway and called police.

McElroy said he's good friends with the pastor's son and said it's disappointing to have a crime like this happen so close to his home.

"It makes me mad because it's close to home, the first thing I did was look outside to make sure nothing was stolen out here, and it's just pretty busy, I see people walking down the road here all the time," said McElroy.

Police said Scheetz stole musical instruments, sound equipment, and cash. They said there were no injuries reported.

Authorities said there have been about 14 churches that have been burglarized over the last month, 11 of which have been in Ardmore.

Now they're working to see if Scheetz is connected to any of those.