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Women With Weapons: Dozens Attend Girls Only Gun Course


SHERMAN, TX--- Fired up and ready to go, Leneta Wallace got her first taste of shooting at the gun range tonight.

"I jumped afterwards," she said. "It's a little intimidating."

She's there for Lipstick & Lead, a basic pistol course for women. The course gives students the knowledge and skills needed for owning, using and shooting a gun. Tonight, about a dozen women came to the class.

"It's a very basic class," instructor Bob Douglas said. "It's a pre-concealed handgun class. You have to start here in order to develop the discipline that's it going to take to shoot."

The two evening course helps to prepare students who want to get their concealed handgun license. The cost for the course is $70.

"It starts out very basic and we go from there," Douglas said.

"We're learning about the different types of guns that are better for women to use and also a lot about the safety of which type of gun you use," Wallace said.

Tonight, the women said they had many different reasons for attending.

"I travel a lot by myself," Lisa Sewell.

"I have a constitutional right to keep and bear arms," Kat Lowry. "I plan to uphold that right. I will not let it be infringed."

"I've seen a lot more women coming to the classes," Douglas' wife Cindi Douglas said. "They're a lot more concerned about their safety. Women need to know how to protect themselves."

For more information on the class, or to sign up, click here.