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Oklahoma Wins Supreme Court Ruling Over Red River


WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Supreme Court sided with Oklahoma in a lawsuit over water resources along the Red River.

The ruling concerning access to southeast Oklahoma tributaries of the river was handed down on Thursday morning.

The Tarrant Regional Water District in Fort Worth wants to buy 150 billion gallons of water and says the four-state Red River Compact gives it the right to do so.

"Based on what little I've seen of this decision, it appears to me that any water taken out of the state of Oklahoma will be on a negotiated basis with the folks in Oklahoma," says Greater Texoma Utility Authority general manager Jerry Chapman.

The decision won't impact water in Grayson County, which has storage rights for Texas water through the Army Corps and state, Chapman said. Above the dam, the compact divides water 50-50 between Texas and Oklahoma.

Arkansas and Louisiana, which are also part of the 1978 agreement and get some of the water below Denison Dam, sided with Oklahoma in the lawsuit.

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin said that the decision protects the state's ability to manage its own water resources.