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Marshall County Man Arrested for Giving Alcohol to Minor


MARSHALL COUNTY, OK-- Investigators said a teen boy is in the hospital and a man in custody after he allegedly gave alcohol to a minor.

Eddie Smith is in the Marshall County jail after authorities said he gave alcohol to his 17-year-old nephew.

Smith was at Washita Point at Lake Texoma Wednesday night with friends and family around 9:30 p.m. That's when investigators said he passed alcohol around to his teen nephew and a few other minors.

"If they supply any alcohol to anyone under the age of 21 they can be charged with a crime, whether it's their own kid or a neighbor's kid," said Marshall County Undersheriff Danny Cryer.

Thirty minutes later witnesses said the teen passed out. Authorities said Smith tried to leave before law enforcement arrived, but was stopped at Washita Point road.

Investigators said when they arrived on scene, local EMS was assisting the teen who was lying in the sand.

They said the boy was transported to OU medical for possible alcohol poisoning.

With summer here, officials said criminal activity is at its highest.

"The big problem we have is people drinking too much alcohol, not knowing when to say when, DUI's seem to increase, boating accidents due to DUI's  and juvenile's consuming alcohol are the biggest problems we seem to have," said Cryer.

Which means lake goers, have to be extra careful when in the water.

"Most of what I try to do is keep an eye on the boat traffic that's coming through, and the wave runners and make sure that they're not getting too close and that the kids aren't too far because they don't make a very big object in the water to see," said Lake visitor Tony Neasbitt.