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Crafty Creations: Fathers Day Gift Ideas


Father's Day, is the third Sunday inJune. In this week's Crafty Creations, Brenda Hantsche has some ideas beyond the predictable dress shirt, tie andnew socks!!




All cars should have a small bucket ofitems for an emergency or surprise tire change.

This is an economical idea & theseitems can be found at your local dollar store or an automotive isle.


Bucket for holding all the gear.

Large sponge-soap (so the kitchen soapdoesn't disappear)


Oil funnel & oil

Window wipes

Flashlight & batteries

Gloves for tire changing-because flatshappen when he's in a suit!

Bungee cords and ratchet tie downs

Hand sanitizer

Water-for the engine & for dad

Travel mug

Book-pad of paper-sharpened pencils

Snacks-nothing that melts, likechocolate!




No need for an RV~with Lake Texoma &great parks, have a family camping day trip.


Most dads love to grill. Here are somefun ideas for a Cooking Kit.

All the items seen this morning arefrom Bon Appetit Y'all located at

2120 Heritage Pkwy in Sherman.903.868.2100


Apron & fun towel

Specialty sauces and wine, perfect forthe BBQ menu

Grill wipes

Bottle top brush-great idea, justattach this onto the sauce's bottle top!

Meat markers-to identify the rare steakto the well done

Bean bowl-cook your favs right on thegrill

Chicken leg-jalapeno pepper holder-lovethis!


Don't forget the charcoal, lighterfluid, and matches!

Bon Appetite Y'all also hasbaked goods made to order!








The Rangers play this Sunday at 2:05P.M. If you can't get to the Ballpark, have a baseball game day athome. Wear your team shirts & caps, cook hotdogs, make nachos,shell peanuts and serve ice cream. During the 7th inningstretch-have a catch outside.




Movies- Westerns, military, orclassics. Think wild west, car chases and heroes.


Flags- This is my personal regularhouse warming guy gift. Most come with the holder that goes on thehouse or porch post. Don't forget, Flag Day is June 14th.Smaller ones are perfect for along the walkway.


Duct Tape- What dad can't use somemore of this? Colors optional now, too.


Fishing Gear- The fisherman can alwaysuse lures, worms and line or a new tackle box.


Photos- Copy & frame a favoritephoto of you & dad, or gather a collection of photos of thegenerations in an album. Add a list of your "dad" memories andfavorite sayings.




Garages & tool boxes usually needsome additions, especially for the younger home owner.


Measuring tape

Level, square, nails

Wood glue

Broom & dust pan

Safety glasses

Screw drivers in different sizes

Drill bits, drill battery

Carpenter's pencils

Band-aides & Neosporin

Radio-CD player-music



Happy Father's Day to all fathershere at home and fighting over seas.


"One father is more than a hundredschoolmasters." George Herbert