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One Person Killed In Oklahoma Helicopter Crash


TALIHINA, OKLAHOMA -- One person has been killed and three others injured after a medical helicopter crashed tonight at the Choctaw Nation Hospital in Talihina, Oklahoma.  

We're told a Bryan County nurse was on board when the chopper went down, and she's in critical condition at a Tulsa hospital.  

It happened just before 7pm Tuesday in Talihina near the Leflore and Latimer County lines in southeastern Oklahoma.  

Hospital spokeswoman Janet Sharp says the crash happened as the helicopter was taking off from the hospital.  

Sharp said she didn't know where the chopper was headed, nor which person on board was killed.  

Latimer County sheriff's dispatcher Trenton Bell said the helicopter was an Eaglemed helicopter.

Phone calls to the Federal Aviation Administration and Wichita, Kansas based Eaglemed have not yet been returned.