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Have Fun in the Sun But Drink Lots of Water


GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- Many people were out and about at Fairview Park in Sherman enjoying the sunshine. There were kids playing, people exercising, and people walking their dogs.

However with the sun and hot temperatures now comes the concern of heat exhaustion.

"What we really worry about is the amount of time exposure and hydration status," says Dr. Gregory Keelen an Emergency Medicine Physician at Texoma Medical Center.

Paul Wilson has lived in Texas all his life and is no stranger to the heat by now. He advises people to take breaks.

"Don't over do it out there, stay a little while and go in, cool down. Make sure you wear your sunscreen, which I don't ever do (laughs) but it's a good idea."

Doctors agree.

Dr. Keelen says, "keep in the shade as much as possible, and limit the amount of time you spend in the sun or take breaks and come out of the sun."

Dr. Keelen says the most important thing to remember is to drink lots of water.

"The best thing you can do to keep yourself from getting exhausted is to keep well hydrated."

A common misconception doctors see is people thinking alcohol will keep them hydrated.

"You are not hydrating yourself when you are drinking alcohol you are actually diuresing or losing becoming more dehydrated. The number one reason people get a quick trip to the emergency department for heat exhaustion is excessive alcohol intake and too much sun," explains Dr.Keelen.

There are lots of people like James Patterson, who have to battle the heat on a daily basis.

"I do the parks here at waterloo and you just got to get out and get started and drink lots of water and take a break now and then and you can stay good in this weather," says Patterson.

"Stay out of the sun as much as you can, use sunscreen to protect your skin. Enjoy the summer as much as you can but do it sensibly," says Dr. Keelen.

And others say they will do anything they can to stay cool.

"Air conditioning, swimming pool, water hose whatever it takes," says Jackie Hagn, who visited Waterloo Park Monday afternoon.