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First Annual Texoma Football Camp

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DENISON, TX ---- Saturday marked a very special day for about 100 young Texoma athletes who participated in the First Annual Texoma Football Camp. The kids spent the morning doing something that most people rarely get a chance to do, work out with professional football players. Each pro athlete had their own station where they ran through drills with different age groups and helped each participant get better.

      "My favorite part is seeing the kids have fun. Seeing the kids communicate with each other. Seeing the kids be happy and fluid in and out of drills, sprinting to different drills. Its good to see the energy and passion that they exert," Antonio Brown, Steelers wide receiver said.

        The players know that as professional athletes, it is important to spend time with the kids who look up to them.

        "It's a blessing to come out and be a leader to the kids, give back our time, share our experiences. Teach them about the discipline and the hard work and the effort that goes into being young men and being where were at today," Brown said.

         "I love just finding a way to give back to the community any way I can. Whether it be camps, speaking, or just sitting and sharing information that I've learned along the way, Kelvin Beachum, Steelers offensive tackle, said.

          Many of the guest athletes participated in camps just like this one when they were growing up, so being able to come back as successful examples for these young Texomans, is an opportunity they just couldn't turn down.

         "I was just like a lot of these kids. So I think one of the things that's neat is just being able to come back having been where they were, and having gone where some of them want to go and speak to the journey that they're all on. From this vantage point is a real special thing for me," Hunter Smith, former Sherman Bearcat and Super Bowl winning punter with the Colts, said.