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Final Suspect In D.J. Jones Murder Case Sentenced To 25 Years

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BRYAN COUNTY, OK -- The final suspect in the murder of a former Denison High School football player learned his fate today.      

The victim's family was upset with the sentence.  "What do you hope comes out of this hearing today?"  Dustin Metcalf said nothing when he entered district court in Durant to learn his fate Friday.  

A judge sentenced him to 25 years, 22 of which to be served in prison. 

The remaining three people convicted in the murder are on probation.  

Metcalf faced a second degree murder charge in the 2011 death of a Denison football player D.J. Jones.  Jones's mother says she's not satisfied with his sentence.  

"25 years?  You can sell crack cocaine and get more time than 25 years!  He ended my son's life, he deserved to spend the rest of his life in jail," said Jones's Mother Latonya Walker.

Walker and her sister read emotional victim impact statements during the hour-long hearing.

At one point, Metcalf himself began sobbing behind the defense table then took the stand for himself.

He admitted to being present at the time Jones was shot in the back and killed but denied he had direct involvement with the murder.  

"He lied the whole time he was on the stand and cried those crocodile tears he doesn't show remorse," Walker said.  Metcalf's family was also brought to tears when the verdict was read.

Metcalf's father says his son his sorry.  "Hurts his kids, hurts his mom, but sometimes when you do something bad you have to do the time."      

Four other people have been convicted in connection with the killing.  Including the shooter who was sentenced to "life in prison."