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Crafty Creations: Painting Part 2




Everything today is available atRobert's Decorator Supply,Sherman, including the great informationand paint coaching! Most paint stores have an educated staff withadvice perfect for your household project. Not all brushes do wellwith all paint. If you're investing your dollars and time, it'sworth getting correct information and supplies.


Lambs Wool Roller


This roller is about $12.00, and worththe price since it will last forever! It should be soaked with waterand squeezed before applying paint. (Kind of like using a sponge)

The paint will be applied to the wallas you roll vs a cheap roller that dumps all the paint all at once,which then has to be rolled away from the starting point. It cleansup easily with water and is a wise purchase. It makes paintingfaster, easier and more complete, even with a less expensive paint.


Roller Frame


For $7.95 get the better roller framewith the ball bearings. This tool will last longer & take abeating, not that you should beat anything with it! The heavierweight and mechanism keeps your paint project rolling right along.


Water Based Alkyd Paint


Here's a huge step for home ownersevery where! Use this product where you would use the old oil basedpaint, trim, moldings and cabinets. Instead of linseed oil, whichneeds paint thinner for clean up, it contains ALKYD, a water basedman made oil. It has the finished look of the older oil based paint,and needs a bit more drying time than latex, giving you time fortouch ups. Best part: clean up with water, no paint thinner needed!

A gallon for $42.95 goes a long way ifyou're doing molding and doors.


Custom Spray Paint


Again-who knew? Most spray paint has alimited color selection, for $10.95 you can get a custom color forthe wicker patio set or for the fun and funky piece in the teen room.


Art Brushes


FYI: use a small, straight edge artbrush for the hard-to-get-to corners above molding.


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