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2 Suspicious Fires in Johnston County


JOHNSTON COUNTY, OK-- Two suspicious fires destroyed two homes in Johnston County over the weekend and now fire officials are trying to figure out how they started.

Clifford Mowdy said he was shocked to see his neighbor's house engulfed in flames when he came home from work Saturday night.

"it's kind of shocking to come home from work and see your next door neighbor's house on fire."

 He said no one is living in the home at the time and said the flames were so big, he's surprised his home only had minor damages including a broken window and a melted electric meter.

"I mean it was huge! That's why I don't see how nothing happened to ours! I mean you could smell smoke all the way across town it was huge," said Mowdy.

 The fire happened Saturday night shortly before 10:30 p.m. Tishomingo firefighters said one of their own was injured while putting out the blaze. They said he was treated and released from the hospital.

Officials said another suspicious fire happened between Sunday night and early Monday morning.

"Our units arrived on scene and found that the house was completely destroyed, apparently it had caught fire sometime during the night," said Tishomingo Fire Captain.

 They said a woman was living in the home, but she wasn't home at the time of the fire. Officials say they haven't been able to contact the woman. Fire officials said they're currently investigating both fires.

"Both of the fires are suspicious at this time, we called in the state Fire Marshall's office to investigate, they haven't finished their investigation yet."

No other injuries were reported.