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Marshall County Road Collapses


MARSHALL COUNTY, OK-- Severe weather caused a road in Marshall County to collapse, now officials said more showers could put a damper on plans to repair.

Kelly Shropshire says when she left her house Thursday morning to take her cat to the vet. she said she never expected a road she takes daily to collapse.

"Well I didn't know what to think! I left out thirty minutes ago, I come home and there's no bridge, it's like I can see my driveway but I can't get to it," said Shropshire. 

Heavy rain storms Thursday morning lead to major flooding throughout Marshall County, causing a pipeline to burst and wash out a bridge on Cumberland road as a man drove over it with his truck.  Luckily he walked away from the accident.
Shropshire said her first reaction was to stay put and try to warn people about the collapsed road.

"If they couldn't have stopped, they could have been in it! human life is at danger here you know so it's your duty to try to protect as best you can until the sheriff's department or somebody gets out there to help you," said Shropshire.

Erin Lemons is a county commissioner for District 2 in Marshall County and said they hope to have the bridge repaired soon but with the potential for more rain showers, Lemons said residents may have to wait until next week for the bridge to be complete.

"The water is still running pretty good through the creek so they're saying that they can't release the pipe down there yet so it just kind of depends on the rain. Hopefully a couple of days is all it's going to take but we may be looking at either Tuesday or Wednesday, I'm not sure."

Lemons said they plan to replace the pipe as soon as possible.

"We're going to replace them with larger tin horns and hope it doesn't happen again, straighten the creek out some and just re-do it and hope for the best," said Lemons.