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Central OK Tornado Relief - How You Can Help


Over the past few days, generous folks from across Texoma and across the country have opened their hearts and provided the people of Moore, OK with donations and volunteer work as they recover from the devastating EF-5 tornado that killed 24 people there on Monday.

However, there are numerous other communities across central Oklahoma that are also recovering from other damaging tornadoes that moved across central Oklahoma on both Sunday and Monday... some of these communities include Shawnee, Bethel Acres, Little Axe, Luther, and Carney among others. We are continuing to compile a list of ways you can help these communities as well:

Shawnee/Bethel Acres/surrounding areas
Bethel Acres Community Center/Fire Department
(405) 275-4128
18101 Bethel Rd,
Shawnee, OK 74801
Contact Point : Neil Davis
- Volunteer help needed! The main needs right now at this location are monetary and man power. Contact them at the phone number above for more information.

New Hope Baptist Church
37496 New Hope Rd.
Tecumseh, Oklahoma 74873
Fax: 405-598-6391
Their Needs are :
- Non-perishable foods
- Batteries
- Flashlights
- Soft drinks
- Nursery water
- Plastic tubs
- Can openers
- Dishes
- Pots and pans
- Glasses
- Laundry soap (prefer pods if possible)
- Juice pouches
- Drink mixes
- Air mattresses
- Pillows
- Size 10 - 10 1/2 boy/girl shoes
- Toilet paper
- Paper plates
- Plastic ware (forks and knives)
- Peanut butter (creamy)
- Jelly
- Bread
- Gift cards (amounts of $25 preferred)
- Clothing sizes 2x, 3x, 4x and 5x in adult only (due to an abundance of the smaller sizes they are not currently needed.)

Emmanuel Baptist Church
S.E. 149th and Fishmarket Road
McLoud, OK
Their needs are:
- Paper goods
- Toiletries
- Plastic tubs
- Cleaning supplies
- Tennis Shoes
- Boots
- Jeans (they are requesting New only)
No other clothing donations are needed at this location due to space.

Lakeview Church of Christ
15301 OK Highway 102
Shawnee, OK 74801
(405) 275-2922
- Donations may be made/dropped off here. Call for more info.

Heart of Oklahoma Exposition Center
100 W. Independence
Shawnee, OK 74802
(405) 275-7020
- Donations being accepted here. Call ahead for more info.

Dale Public Schools Administration Building
300 Smith Avenue
Dale, OK 74851
(405) 964-5556
- Donations being accepted here. Call ahead for more info.

Luther, OK
**** Volunteer Clean up****
Saturday May 25th & Sunday May 26th
8:00am Luther Volunteer Fire Department
- On Saturday May 25th at 8:00am they are holding a clean up for residents of Luther that were effected by the May 19th tornado.

- If you have a volunteer group that has already called to leave your information with Town Hall, you will be getting a phone call regarding the clean up efforts on Saturday.

- If you would like to volunteer, please call Luther Town Hall and let them know. Their phone number is: (405)-277-3833

- What to expect: You will need to register your group, or your self at Luther Volunteer Fire Department - Staging Area. You can then check out equipment, such as shovels, boots, work gloves, large trash cans, trash bags. Your team leader will be given a map to a clean up location (residence that was impacted). Work day will be left to your own discretion. You will need to check out at the staging area. A hot meal of grilled hamburgers, or hot dogs and a side will be provided for volunteers.

Little Axe/Newalla
AST Tribal Resource Center
1970 156th Ave NE,
Norman, OK 73026
- Volunteer help needed! Contact this number for more information.