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Report: Drowning Number One Cause of Death in Small Children


ARDMORE, OK-- With summer quickly approaching, Texoma pools will be opening their doors soon, but the Consumer Product Safety Commission has a warning for parents.

Jenny Kassheimer is a mother of 4-year-old Jackson and when she heard about a recent report from the CPSC stating that drowning is the number one cause of deaths in children under five she decided to take action.  

"I used to work at a hospital and they had someone that went inside the house to answer the phone and they had an accident," said Kassheimer.

That accident she said took the life of a young boy after his father went inside the home to answer a call, leaving the toddler alone in the pool.

According to the study, accidental drowning's are claiming the lives of nearly 400 kids each year.

While some parents think that a floating device such as a noodle will keep their child safe in the water, lifeguards at the YMCA in Ardmore said it's not enough.

"Just because you wear a floatie, or they have life preservers, or even the noodles that we have here, that is not going to keep your kids safe. I've personally seen where kids wearing a floatie, top over, and their head are under water," said YMCA Lifeguard Joseph Fields.

Fields also said that the best way to help prevent a child from drowning is to start them early with swimming lessons, something Kassheimer said she plans on doing for Jackson.
"We're going to be taking swimming lessons this year. I don't want him to ever be scared of the water, but I want him to be safe in the water," said Kassheimer.